Can Plant-Based Diets Help Reverse Type 2 Diabetes?

Plant-Based Milk
Plant-Based Milk
Plant-Based Diet
Plant-Based Diet

Type 2 diabetes is a complicated condition that cannot be simply summarized as a medical condition resulting from eating too much sugar. However, many people with prediabetes have reported that they succeeded in preventing their condition from progressing to type 2 diabetes by following some simple methods.

Research suggests that a plant-based diet could be very useful in bringing the elevated blood sugar levels associated with type 2 diabetes. However, all plant-based diets aren’t the same and you cannot simply choose any one to control blood sugar levels.

How Do Plant-Based Foods Help Control Type 2 Diabetes?

The effectiveness of some plant-based diets on diabetes control can be better understood by analyzing how non-plant-based foods affect the sugar levels in our body and insulin resistance.

From what is known from research, plant-based diets may influence diabetes prevention in broader ways.

Plant-based diets are effective in checking excess weight gain and the reduced risk of weight gain has a positive impact on type 2 diabetes. Multiple observational studies have suggested that eating more plant-based foods can promote short-term weight loss or prevent long-term weight gain.

Foods being plant-based do not necessarily mean they will help in diabetes prevention because refined grains, starches and sugars can increase blood sugar levels even though they are obtained from plant sources. Hence, people with diabetes or people that are at increased risk of developing it are advised to follow a whole food plant-based diet and not simply any plant-based diet.

How To Choose A Plant-Based Diet For Controlling Type 2 Diabetes?

When you avoid eating many animal foods, you have to make up for the calories you will no longer get from them. This could mean that you might have to eat more carbohydrates to ensure that you are getting enough calories. However, this is not going to help a diabetic person at all.

Avoid carbohydrate-dense foods from your diet. Choose non-starchy leafy greens over grains to get many essential nutrients necessary to the normal functioning of the body.

Eating a plant-based diet does not give you the liberty to increase your portion sizes because that could contribute to being overweight despite the diet primarily containing plant foods.

Following a healthy diet is very important to keep your blood sugar levels in check. It is especially important for people who have prediabetes and diabetes.